Summer Missions Information

Our Mission Statement

Midnight Sun Ministries exists to train college and high school students to serve the Lord in a summer ministry in an Alaskan setting with the ultimate goal that these young people will give their lives to serve the Lord in Alaska or some other field of service.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Midnight Sun Ministries is to give high school and college students an opportunity to serve the Lord through short-term mission trips.

We believe that a mission trip can be a life-changing experience for the Christian young person.

We offer training for each trip, because we believe that every Christian should be “prepared unto every good work.” (II Timothy 2:21) It is important for us to be a help and not a burden or hindrance on the mission field.

Our Ministry

Each young person who joins us will have many opportunities to serve the Lord in our local church ministries. These areas of ministry will include soul winning, giving a testimony, preaching the Word of God, telling a Bible story or missionary story, teaching in VBS and doing vocal and instrumental specials.

You may have opportunity to do manual work at the church or in the village.

We are looking for hard-working young people who love the Lord to be a part of this ministry. Our purpose is to give Christian young people who love the Lord an opportunity to grow and serve on the mission field. We are looking for those who are spiritual leaders and have a heart for missions. The requirements are stringent and the challenges are great.

We are looking for young people who are committed to serving the Lord and personal

growth. We want to help give them a burden for the lost and for missions.

This is not a vacation to see the Alaska. It should not be perceived as a pleasure trip, but a ministry trip. Young people, who go, must realize that this ministry won’t always be easy. They may have to do without modern conveniences, may have to sleep on the floor, or may have to eat food that they are not used to eating. But the joy they will receive in serving the Lord Jesus will far surpass any hardships.

Remember that you will always be perceived as a missionary--as a servant of God. You are carrying with you the name of the Lord. You are also carrying the name and testimony of MSM. MSM seeks to present a solid Biblical testimony of personal separation from the world to those to whom we minister. Therefore, you may be asked to give up some personal preferences as to dress, music and etc. and be willing submit to the standards of this ministry to maintain the testimony of this ministry.

How to be considered for a short-term mission trip with MSM:

1. Fill out and send us the attached application, including a $25 nonrefundable application

     processing fee and a recent picture.

2. You must be a Christian young person that wants to serve God, is willing to be submissive to

     authority, shows maturity, gets along well with others and is flexible in unusual circumstances.

3. You must be at least 15 years old to be considered for a mission trip.

4. You must be faithful in attendance in the regular weekly services of your local church.

5. You must be serving in your local church on a regular basis. (Examples: singing, playing

     musical instrument, church outreach ministry and etc

6. You must have a reference letter from your parents, your pastor and two other acceptable

     references. (Forms will be provided for these references.)

7. You must have your parent or guardian’s permission to participate and medical release form, if

     you are under 18 years of age.

8. You must be in good health and have medical insurance coverage.

9. You must not have serious food allergies, since we do not want to cause problems for our hosts

     and hostesses. Plus this could cost us a considerable amount of extra money to feed you

     differently than the rest of the team. Everyone must be able to eat the meals given us by our

     hosts and hostesses.

If you are accepted...

1. You will be informed of what you will need to do in preparation for your mission ministry.

2. You will be required to fill out a medical release form.

3. You must have medical insurance that will cover you on the field. Insurance is your

    responsibility and is not covered in the cost of the trip.

4. You may need to fill out other forms and permission slips.


1.  There is a $25.00 application fee that must accompany the application form.

2.  There will be a nonrefundable deposit of $50 due upon your acceptance.

3.  You must make your own transportation arrangements to get to and from King Cove,

      Alaska. This is your responsibility and is not covered in the fee for the summer ministry.

4.  The fee that is paid to Midnight Sun Ministries, for the summer ministry will be $10.00 per

      day to cover your meals while in King Cove.  

5.   All MSM mission trips are financed through funds raised by each team member. After you

       finish the application process, we will send you sample letters for you to customize to send

       out to your potential financial supporter.

6.   We suggest that your home church serve, as you sending agent and all funds raised for you

       trip will be channeled through your home church. Your home church will then send your

       MSM fee to:

Midnight Sun Ministries

P. O. 342

King Cove, AK 99612