Complete information has not been developed on all branches of the Barnett family. The information set forth in this material comes from a variety of sources, including James T. Barnett, of Roanoke Rapids, NC; Janice B. Craft, of Greenville, MS; Lorene B. Fisher, of Greer, sc; Frances B. Smith, of Greer, SC and other sourses inclusing web sites, personal contacts, email contacts, censes records, as well as incidental information from gravestones, obituaries and the like.

Nolen Brunson compiled and edited the book THE BARNETT - McMAKIN UNION: Ancestors, Collateral Relatives and Decendants or John James Barnett and Harriet (Hattie) McMakin.

Follow the link  250 BARNETT FAMILIES for additional information.

Up dated 11/28/2021